June 27, 2014

  • Combining orthodontic and restorative treatment is synergistic. Some of the advantages of combing both fields includes better aesthetics and less tooth preparation.
  • Often there is a compromise – aesthetics vs cost (financial/biological).
  • Don’t forget that an attractive smile is dependent on how it is framed i.e. the surrounding tissues/face can have a significant influence.
  • The occlusion and changes to it should be retrained within the envelope of function.
  • Anchorage is crucial – can be both horizontal and vertical.
  • Examples for the uses of ortho:
    Creation of vertical space for implants by intrusion and the use of anchorage via mini-screws.
    Bio-engineering/making bone (1% less resorption after 3 years).
    Tooth wear cases – intrude and then build up
  • Communication to the patient via photographs, mockup, provisional s in the mouth, CADCAM.
  • Good record keeping is crucial  – photographs, radiographs, models, clinical assessment sheets, consents, warnings.
  • Don’t forget to document the diagnosis – without this you cannot justify any treatment.

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