June 26, 2022

  1. HALITOSIS: The two biggest causes of halitosis are gum disease and a tongue coating. The tongue surface area makes up almost a quarter of the surface area of the mouth – it’s equivalent to the surface area of an ipad mini – so that’s a lot of space for bacteria to hide in!
  2. GENERAL HEALTH: Treating periodontal diseases can improve blood glucose management and reduce risk of hyperglycaemia. Treatment of periodontitis reduces systemic inflammation, improves vascular function and could reduce CVD outcomes. Let’s have our patients exercise, eat well, meditate, and make healthy lifestyle choices. A healthy lifestyle can influence healthy gums.
  3. REGEN SURGERY: Periodontal regenerative therapy is strongly recommended for the treatment of intrabony defects more than or equal to 3 mm associated with probing depths of more than or equal to 5 mm and class II furcation involvement. A single flap approach enhances conditions for wound stability.
  4. MOBILITY: Increased tooth mobility per se is not pathologic.
  5. FURCATIONS: Furcation defects are not a good enough reason for extraction.
  6. SAVING TEETH: Every extracted should be carefully evaluated. 88% of baseline hopeless teeth were still in function after 10 years.
  7. TREATMENT PLANNING: The new clinical guidelines promote a stepwise approach. You can’t go onto the next step until you have achieved the goals of the previous.
  8. ANTIBIOTICS: The adjunctive use of systemic antimicrobials in periodontal therapy results in statistically significant benefits in clinical outcomes, however, their use should be restricted as much as possible to patients where the systemic antimicrobials make a clinically relevant difference.
  9. IMPLANTS: Early detection of inflammation around implants is essential to prevent peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. Buccally placed implants and thin tissue phenotypes are associated with buccal soft tissue dehiscences at dental implants. The connective tissue graft remains the standard of care in terms of increasing mucosa thickness.
  10. ORTHO: Stage IV periodontitis patients when enrolled in well-planned orthodontic treatment can improve their condition in terms of clinical attachment level.

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