February 20, 2014

Great lecture today by Mr Richard Porter  (Aspire Dental Academy).
Here are a few helpful points that I picked up during his excellent presentation. Enjoy!

  • A prominent antegonial notch is pathognomonic to parafunction/bruxism.
  • In cases of good interdigitation, the best occlusal record is no occlusal record. Think of the occlusion as a three legged stool; if you take one leg away, you will need to replace that one i.e. you will need a record for that particular area.
  • Beauty wax a great material to use for interocclusal records. It is very rigid and brittle at room temperature compared to pink sheet wax, which will bend easily at room temperature. A record taken in the latter could distort without you noticing and before it reaches the laboratory, whereas Beauty wax will fracture if damaged.
  • Always check guidance! If the patient is in group function on lateral excursions as has large restorations on e.g. the premolars, it may be a good idea to rebuild the canine ramps to provide the benefits of a mutually protected occlusion.
  • Anterior open bites are very difficult Dahl cases.  It is much easier to increase the OVD in class II division 2 patients.
  • Lobbezoo F et al has shown that bruxism is mainly regulated centrally, not peripherally.
  • Risky occlusions include: last tooth in the arch syndrome, obsessed patients, phantom bite, deep open bite, TMJ PDS and parafunction. Don’t get caught out with these!

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