September 24, 2016

  • 150 questions single best answers
  • 3 hours
  • Not negatively marked
  • Pass mark is different every year

Key topics

  • IOTN-DHC Score
  • Ceph analysis – values
  • Angles’s classification
  • Appliances and interceptive orthodontics
  • Treatment planning
  • Radiographs esp to locate canines (B/P)
  • IOTN of submerged l/le, impacted canine or premolars


  • Classification and clinical presentation
  • BPE (lots of questions)
  • Miller’s grades of mobility
  • Periodontal Probes (markings and what they indicate, types of probes)
  • Radiography (what radiographs to take for example BPE scores)
  • Periodontal treatment options (including antimicrobial prescribing)

Restorative dentistry

  • Reversible and irreversible pulpitis and signs and symptoms
  • Eruption dates and sequences
  • Different crowns and bridges
  • Fluorides (See Delivery Better Oral Health document)
  • Dental materials and percentages and various types of alloys (amalgam phases and content, composites – types, fillers, indications, impression materials)
  • Non carious tooth loss and treatment
  • Dental trauma and splinting (See Dental Trauma Guide)
  • Missing lateral incisors
  • Posts and systems

Medical emergencies

  • Asthma
  • Angina
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Drug box
  • Oxygen cylinder (sizes) – See BOC website
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Drug regime
  • Chest compression and difference in various scenarios


  • FGDP booklet
  • BNF
  • Antibiotics and antivirals
  • Antifungals
  • Drug interactions
  • Local anaesthesia (onset, half life, how eliminated)
  • Sedatives and hypnotics
  • Ab prophylaxis and current guidelines
  • Questions about cross matching drugs to cases like migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, shingles etc.


  • FGDP booklet
  • Eric Whaites book
  • Inidcations of radiographs
  • When to take horizontal and vertical bitewings
  • Nurses and radiology
  • Radiographic badges
  • NRPB and current body and role
  • Dosage
  • OPG/CBCT and other Xray exposure
  • UK normal background radiation
  • In case of accidental exposure
  • How long to keep records
  • How to report


  • Designing
  • Impression materials
  • Complete denture complains
  • Implants
  • Cast partial dentures

Oral surgery & medicine

  • Cysts-radicular cysts
  • Histology of cysts
  • Dry socket
  • Pericoronitis
  • Pre-malignancy – predisposing factors
  • Orofacial pain and types and treatment
  • Herpes
  • Sjogrens syndrome
  • Candidiasis
  • Lichen planus
  • Signs and symptoms,, diagnosis and management

Other topics

  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Law and Ethics
  • Consent for underage children, if they walk in by themselves, in the case of emergency
  • Management of patients with dementia including consent
  • Staff injuries: who to inform, what to do, within how many days (HSE or ACAS website)
  • Behavioural management
  • Statistics – clinical trials, mean median mode, p value, students t test, chi squared test, nominal versus ordinal data
  • Medically compromised patients
  • Infection control
  • Clinical waste management
  • Hazardous wastes
  • Complaints
  • Problems with dentures: patient cannot pronounce certain sounds
  • Practice meetings
  • Clinical governance
  • Audit
  • HIV and other viral infections
  • Standards in dentistry

Example questions:

  1. Health and safety legislation requires that a dental practice categorise and dispose waste correctly. Which of the following are examples of special waste…(Answer: blood contaminated waste, including dressings and sharps)
  2. A patient with trimus and crepitus of both TMJs requires extensive indirect restorations and reorganisation of the occlusion. Which of these splints would you consider most appropriate? (Answer: is anterior repositioning splint)
  3. After oral administration of 3g amoxicillin, a patient collapses in reception. Flushed and wheezing. First line of action? (Answer: Administer 0.5 ml 1:1000 adrenaline intramuscularly)
  4. Which of the following is the most likely to contribute to successful molar endodontics? (Answer: Thorough cleaning using rubber dam throughout the procedure)
  5. A 14 year old female patient attends in a distressed state with an acute periapical abscess and gross facial swelling associated with a heavily filled UL1. She is unaccompanied by an adult. What should your first action be? (Answer: Try to ascertain whether she is able to give legal consent)
  6. Patients on Oral bisphosphonates…(Answer: Most probably have metastatic bone disease or osteoporosis)
  7. A 15 year old female patient has an 8mm overjet and bilaterally impacted canines…(A: The patient would be placed in the Index of Ortho need 5)

Recent questions (last 2 diets):

  • Bleeding – INR, XLA, aspirin, punch biopsy, soft tissue tear
  • Paediatric behaviour management – modelling, desensitisation
  • Radiolucency – 20 mm apex, 5 mm apex, inferior to to IAN, midline palate, unerupted crown
  • Fluoride – 3 year old, 6 year old, 10 year old, 14 year old, 70 year old
  • LA – pregnant, latex and bisulphate allergy, pain relief for 8xla
  • Topical – vital pulpotomy
  • Rads – UE 3, perio code 3, perio code 4, edentulous in one arch
  • Medical emergencies – asthma, angina, diabetes, anaphylaxis, epilepsy
  • Spread of infection – upper 3, upper 2, lower 1, distoangular 8, lower 6
  • Hypodontia causes
  • Facial pain and headaches
  • Appropriate bridges
  • What different parts of CoCr denture
  • Suturing resorbing time viacryl rapide
  • Consent 20 y old Downs syndrome
  • Flap for lower 5
  • 8s Nice guidelines
  • Appropriate medication for vital pulpotomy
  • What causes composite retardation on setting
  • Radiographic faults and standards
  • 12 year old with low risk, what is radiographic interval
  • Max nitrogen concentration in bottle/air container
  • Max temperature to wash instruments in
  • Appropriate management for destroying prions in used endo instruments
  • Wetting component in dentine priming agent
  • Splinting time for lateral luxation

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