June 3, 2015

EuroPerio8 welcomes a staggering 10,000 delegates from 110 countries starting at ExCEL today.

The day kicked off with a truly engaging film documenting the impact of periodontitis from the patient’s perspective. Three patients featured in this film attended for a live panel discussion with leading experts in public engagement. Quotes from these patients included:
– “I was terrified of meeting people due to my bad breath and had lost all social confidence”
– “I thought the bleeding gums was because I was brushing too hard”
– “It was great when the dentist took time to show me how to use the brushes in my mouth, it made a big difference”
– “Oral hygiene care is now part of my daily routine and though tedious at first I now take pleasure in looking after my teeth and gums as I’ve realised the benefits”
– “I wish the dentist had told me earlier about the consequences of gum disease”

Perhaps periodontitis is not a silent condition as often referred to in the dental literature.

There were a few talks this afternoon and I thought I’d share 3 interesting points:
– Nutrition plays a role in modulating chronic disease, including periodontitis. -K.Kornman
– Periodontitis is associated with a moderate increase in risk of cardiovascular disease and the mechanisms are fairly well understood though causality will be difficult to prove. – M.Tonetti
– Minimally invasive surgery might be considered a true reality in the field of periodontal regeneration. The observed clinical improvements are consistently associated with very limited morbidity to the patient during the surgical procedures as well as in the post-op period. – G.Giannobile

The day finished with the grand opening ceremony, which included short talks from the organising committee, a live band, choir and flag ceremony.

Looking forward to a Perio-packed day tomorrow!
Over and out, Reena 😉


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