September 14, 2014

Course Name: First Four Quarters (FFQ)

Objective: Get new associates assimilated into general practice quickly & successfully
Why: Experienced dentists agree the specific challenges encountered in the first year of associateship can influence an entire career yet there is no structured support for this.
Who: The collective knowledge of FFQ has been collated by DF1 trainers and distilled into a course that has already run successfully. I applied a lot of the frameworks myself two years ago and have seen how powerful the content is so now I am in my third year I have been entrusted by the creator of FFQ to run the course to continue the learning. In addition, I will still receive the back up of more experienced colleagues for the benefit of the group.


• Contract: How will I get the UDAs done?
• Clinical: How will I maintain my clinical standards at the speed of General Practice?
• Cash: How will I ensure I earn enough to satisfy my principal and myself?
• Communication: How will I win over the staff to get the support I need?

Cost: £150 for the whole year (I have secured heavy subsidisation)
Format: 4 Quarterly sessions and ongoing support throughout the year
Day: Monday evenings
Dates: 13/10/14, 12/01/15, 13/04/15, 13/07/15.
Start Time: 6:30pm
Location: London SE1 (15 min walk from London Bridge station. About 5 mins along from Chris Orr)
Number on Course: 15
Number of spaces left: 4
Next Steps: Please email me today on or PM if you are interested.

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